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Your Success Begins With Us

Together We transform vision into new reality

Ready to start your growth journey?

Our Services

EWest Connect offers a high-quality coaching and consulting services designed for individuals, teams, and organizations.



Lead. Believe. Achieve.

Looking to sharpen your leadership skills?

Effective leadership communication is about developing your leadership legacy. To create a powerful presence, improve performance and lead by example; with more mindful & robust leadership competencies. 

Sync Up

Workshop Facilitation

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Leadership Embodiment

See yourself bloom into the person you once aspired to become. 

By learning to improve and integrate the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of your personality; you can become the charismatic leader you always wanted to be. 

Professional Presentation

Value Congruence for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Your values are your destiny. Know them.

Value congruence is about expressing & practicing your personal values, and aligning them with your community and organizational values. This is a giant leap toward self-development, personal and professional growth. 

Business Presentation

Transition Coaching

Find the path that leads to happiness.

Change is inevitable. It is an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. We all go through transition at some point in life. 


Value congruence for Teams and Organizations

Maximize your achievements with a value driven culture.

To build a successful business, you need to define a set of values that would ultimately shape your organization’s nature and direction. 


About EWest 


Working Together on Project_edited.jpg

At EWest Connect, we believe that culture is an essential part of the human life equation. From what we wear, eat, celebrate and value to how we think, judge, behave and act. 
Culture is at the heart of all we do and pre-determines how we shape up in the world
When we connect with our cultural roots, our deeply held values and believes we are in control, we have a choice to become the person we want to be and to live the life we dreamed off. We transform vision to new reality. 

EWest Connect, a company committed to helping teams and individuals to connect and reflect on their way of being, identify their core, focus and vision values, areas of values conflict and its impact on ones’ self and all those concerned. Research has shown that a lack of this awareness is an underlying cause of poor work performance, demotivation, and failure to communicate effectively which often leads to conflict and undesirable results. 


About the Founder

Rehab Abbas is an ontological coach, a certified value facilitator, and a cross-cultural trainer. Having lived in three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe and working with clients from all over the world, including organizations, entrepreneurs, schools and individuals; Rehab is passionate about understanding intercultural communication and holds the conviction that this knowledge is a crucial benefit and can be transformative at both an organizational and an individual level.
Rehab speaks fluent Arabic and English. For more details about her work experience, courses and certification please visit her LinkedIn page.

My Story

Ewest Connect was inspired by my own personal and professional journey. It was an idea conceived as a direct result of the experience I had as a native Arabic speaker from Egypt w who sought to assimilate into the western culture, I took the leap of faith by moving to a new country, leaving my work and my home behind.

But it wasn’t all that easy.

I had good days and bad; felt lost and confused and while going through all of this, I had to be strong to support my family in their journey as well. It took me years to learn about transition coaching & cross-cultural communication. And I realized that if I had this knowledge and awareness at the beginning of my journey, I’d be much better equipped to support myself, & my loved ones.

To help others and lead them into this journey with more confidence, I decided to go deeper and complete Newfield’s Ontological Certified Coach Training at the University of Winchester. To become a certified Value Rank Facilitator at Point of Values  

What I have learned the hard way is: “With hardships comes ease”.With hardship and adversity comes ease, If only you have self-awareness to see rewards in the midst of adversity.


Our Vision

We work to help leaders, teams and organizations reshape their workplace culture

EWest Connect was founded on the core value of Pluralism. 

Pluralism: (social sciences) A social system based on mutual respect for each other’s cultures among various groups that make up a society, wherein subordinate groups do not have to forsake their lifestyle and traditions but, rather, can express their culture and participate in the larger society free of prejudice and tolerated within a society

When I founded EWest Connect, I wanted to create something that was Pluralist in nature, highly inclusive of diversity and advocated the tolerance and co-existence of cultures. 
My vision is to transform cultural gaps into a shared space of trust, respect, effective communication, powerful connections, and desirable results


Our Approach




The core of our coaching lies in the Ontological approach which covers 3 main areas: 

The Linguistic- Self

The language we speak or don’t speak; offers, requests, promises or declarations

The Emotional-Self

Our moods, emotions and how they influence our behaviours, actions, and reactions

The Somatic Self

Our habitual body disposition and movements that drive the meaning home

Ontological Coaching is a methodology that studies the “way of being” of individuals and teams to help create “distinctions” and new lenses in that person's worldview.


This type of coaching is known to produce extraordinary results for individuals, teams and organizations. Its effectiveness is rooted in a practical understanding of language, feelings and dispositions that assist in behavioural and cultural transformation


“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”

Carl Jung

How we can help

Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Migrants

We provide highly skilled coaching and mentoring services with a personal touch

Leaving everything behind; house, job, schools, savings and precious memories is perhaps the toughest decision a person will ever have to make. The word CHOICE has no place in their lives. Refugees are forced to flee their homes and country, with no clear idea about where to go or what to expect. 
Crossing borders, oceans and reaching foreign countries safely is the first chapter in their new lives. However, feeling safe, having a place to live in and obtaining a good education for their children won’t guarantee happiness. Struggling to understand a new culture, a new language, and a new lifestyle can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction causing barriers when communicating and dealing or working with others.

As a professional, I worked with refugees who came to the UK under the Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme (VPR). I have worked with more than 65 displaced families, where on daily basis I communicated with adults, youth, and children, listening to their needs and hopes. Supported them to become independent and take the lead of their life, with my holistic coaching approach.
Working with refugees teaches you a lot about yourself and life. And I have experienced this first hand. 
Now it's my turn to provide training and mentoring services to my fellow professionals and work with them to help and motivate refugees to start a new life and a bright future

Image by Markus Spiske

We know it’s not easy but you’re not alone, we are here to help

  • We understand their confusion and their disappointment, despair and anger, blaming those around them (professionals)

  • We know when things go well for refugees, little steps can pass with no acknowledgment, without having the time to pause and reflect

  • We recognize how hard it is to keep going the extra mile and not feel appreciated by those who you are helping them

  • We accept that trust is always at stake and without restoring trust everything collapses, communication & collaboration 

Helping refugees starts with building trust, feeling safe talking to you, managing expectations, setting professional boundaries, being with them to celebrate every little step from learning their first words in a new language, acquiring a new skill to starting a new job or launching their business; Being supportive of them in times of distress while they worry about their basic needs being met….yes it teaches you a lot and brings you closer to reality. 
Compassion and empathy are the key to be more supportive and listening to what is being said and what is not. 

At EWest Connect we work alongside professionals on the front lines, providing coaching and mentoring services to individuals and teams

Our coaching services help you learn new strategies to practice self-assessment, somatic awareness, new perspectives, and better listening, result in more authenticity, meaningful changes and a growth-oriented mindset

Group therapy

Coaching and mentoring services

For individuals and teams working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants

Image by Jason Goodman

Our Bespoke Workshops

Working Effectively with Refugees, asylum seeker and migrants
For professionals and volunteers.

Image by Kvnga

Navigating the Challenges of Transition 

For Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants

What Our Clients Say

Clair Anderson

"The hours spent with rehab were paramount in my learning new habits, recognizing old patterns. Rehab gently holds a mirror before you so you can see clearly what needs to be done to get from where you are to where you want to be. I felt safe, welcomed and found it very easy to open up with Rehab .Our coaching journey together helped me to come on in leaps and bounds and achieving new desirable results"

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